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Housing in Yemen

Housing for expatriates comprised of a mix of apartments and houses. There is some beautiful acrchitecture, even in private homes: stained glass windows and intricately patterned facades. Having said that, only a few of the houses have true yards. They are built in the Arab style, with a wall around the house, creating a compound. It's the Yemeni preference to pave as much of the compound as possible. There are small (often lush) gardens or patches of grass, but not large yards.

Despite a floor plan that is usually quite strange to non-Yemenis, the houses are all quite beautiful inside and quite large. Above all windows and most doorways are beautiful coloured glass and plaster "qamaria" that truly are stunning. Many rooms also have hand-carved plasterwork decorating the walls and cieling. Though each house is different, the rooms are spacious, the bathrooms modern and you can get up to the flat roof to enjoy the view. The apartments in the Hadda complex are large by Western standards, though they are a little dark and institutional-feeling. Most people who opt for Hadda prefer the feeling of security in numbers, the closeness to other expatriates, and the better facilities for children.





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